About Us

Exquisite artificial plants & flower arrangements for outdoor and interieur decor

Who we are?

We pick over the globe for artificial plants, floral arrangements and floral components that are the closest replicas of nature’s beauty. Based in Warsaw, we started in 2016 while discovering the market and working as a decorator and arranger in the premium artificial flowers sector. It is simply our goal to cover all your requirements and wishes. All creations can be added to our basic collection products or restyled with new components as you desire. Lobbyflor also offers a strong support and customer service for our clients and their products. In case of requests and needs feel free to contact us in: English, Polish, German or Spanish. Our Lobbyflor team in Warsaw is well prepaired – Let`s work togehter!

What we do?

Lobbyflor specialises in bringing glorious faux flowers, plants and potted arrangements that epitomise the allure of nature. Artificial arrangements promise ongoing pleasure with no need to change water, collect fallen petals or dispose of wilted blooms. All of our arrangements are lovingly made by our own just as all our ideas we took from many journeys and years of being interested in modern features and interior design innovations. With Lobbyflor you can create stunning decorative arrangements, office environments, hotel rooms & lobbys, restaurants, bars, special events, weddings, shop windows and last but not least – Polands homes. This points makes Lobbyflor the perfect choice bringing the delight of plants and flowers to you and it gives as well the power to craft an arrangement that expresses your unique flair.